Teams of 4 can challenge each other at C² 2th Communication Quiz on January 30th 2020 !

Before the battle will start, we’ll raise our glasses on a successful 2020 at 18:00. The quiz (6 sets of 10 questions, 6 themes and 2 tablerounds) starts at 19:00 and will end around 22:00. During the quiz you’ll have the possibility to order some snacks, so you shouldn't fear famine death.

The quiz will be “communication oriented”, but still accessible to everybody who is more or less up to speed on what’s happening in the world nowadays. There will be no rocket science questions, but if you are active in communication you’ll definitely get a head start. Still some time left to follow up on those neglected books between now and January 30th :-).

Like to subscribe ?
Inscription cost is 50 EUR / team.

By the way: people who don’t have enough friends or colleagues to form a team of 4 or who are previously engaged later on the evening are warmly invited for the glass raising moment at 18:00 ! Please just give us a small heads up though if you and some of your colleagues wish to attend the NY drink between 18:00 and 19:00 (and feel free to hang around afterwards and support your communication colleagues during the ruthless quiz !).

Venue: De Kruitfabriek - Steenkaai 44 - 1800 Vilvoorde

Date: 30/01/20

Time: 18h, quiz starts at 19h !!

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