March 18th, 2021: Training: Storytelling 

BY Karel Joos (Partner @ Interel)

For many a present-day enterprise it is nothing less than the Holy Grail: the knowledge to create a compelling and resonating narrative which moves the hearts and minds of their stakehold­ers. To tackle this issue corporations are tapping into the power of stories and applying their fundamentals to the corporate environment.


Karel Joos, a Partner at Interel and a published author of business non-fiction and literary fiction will share the essentials of how companies can increase their im­pact by making use of man’s greatest force: the ability to tell a story.


This fall he will publish a textbook on corporate storytelling. His acclaimed analysis of public affairs, Lobbyen – Invloed, inzicht, impact (LannooCampus, 2019), describes a systematic approach to advance corporate interests and influence political decision making and is widely considered as a work of reference.

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