Debate: Mergers in the Belgian French-speaking media landscape and their impact on public relations

19 MAY 


With Christophe Berti (Le Soir) and Martin Buxant (LN24)


The concentration process in the Belgian French-speaking media landscape has accelerated significantly in recent months. Following the takeover of RTL Belgium by Rossel and DPG Media and that of LN24 and L’Avenir by IPM, there are only two major players left in the media world in French-speaking Belgium.

How will these mergers impact the functioning of journalists and editorial offices? Will it change their editorial line? Is it a danger for democracy? Or is it on the contrary an opportunity? How can communication professionals adapt to this new situation?

On Thursday May 19th, we will debate these questions with two well-known figures of journalism in French-speaking Belgium: Christophe Berti, the editor-in-chief of Le Soir newspaper, and Martin Buxant, the co-founder of the 24-hour news channel LN24.

The debate will be led (in French) by Mathieu Van Overstraeten (akkanto) and Haroun Fenaux (Proximus) and will be followed by a question and answer session and a sandwich lunch.





Proximus (27 Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1030 Brussels) 

Timing: 12h-14h

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