ONLINE TRAINING 15/10: The Belgian media landscape

Thank you to Haroun Fenaux (Proximus)and Mathieu Van Overstraeten (akkanto) for the updated overview of the Belgian media landscape.It's constantly evolving, so these fresh insideswere more than welcome !!

Afterwards we had a debate with Wouter Van Driessche (Mediahuis) and François Bailly (L’Echo). They provided us some interesting insights in how they are handling to "art of podcasts". 

An interesting point of view is to not see a podcast as radio, but consider it as a slow wakening in the morning with some interesting topics to kick of the day in all serenity. 

Thank you again to all participants and speakers !


12h00-12h30 : Presentation of the Belgian media landscape by Mathieu Van Overstraeten (akkanto) and Haroun Fenaux (Proximus)

12h30-13h15: Debate on the success of podcasts with Wouter Van Driessche (Mediahuis) and François Bailly (L’Echo)

13h15-13h30 : Q&A via Chat

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