Ratified By C Square, The Corp Comm Community as a member of ICCO

March 2024


Whether working in agencies, freelance, or in-house, Corporate communications professionals increasingly use AI technologies to improve their work and achieve compelling results. However, as AI becomes more prevalent in the sector, it is crucial to establish guidelines that ensure AI’s ethical and responsible use.

Recognizing that the application areas of AI will continue to expand and that its importance is likely to increase over time, C Square will update and clarify its position in line with the ethical charters and practices applicable to the members of the association.


As the umbrella organization for Corporate communications professionals in Belgium, C Square has ratified the following guidelines defined by the International Communication Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) in October 2023. Consequently, any C Square member can claim to be bound by this code of conduct as long as he or she respects its principles.